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There are thousands of audio products on the market. What makes us unique is the time we take to choose the right product for your vehicle. Our specialists have years of experience. Mb Quart, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, MTX, Infinity, Rockwood are just a few of the items to choose from. Your vehicle is inspected and the technician chooses the perfectly spec product to fit. Not all sound the same and the space in the vehicle will change that sound. Even if you have the best money can buy, it may not sound the best in your car. Installation and product matching are key.


Custom TINT

Dynamic Auto Tint

Our tinting process is unmatched by others.  We use the highest quality in products that when applied properly leaves you wondering if the glass was shipped from the factory.



Dynamic Auto Interiors

  • Full restorations
  • Partial restorations
  • Custom Accents



Dynamic Auto

Here at DYNAMIC AUTO CENTRE, our guaranteed services are provided by technicians, professionaly trained, and with sufficient resources needed to sustain 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Established in 1988, DYNAMIC AUTO CENTRE has over 22 years of dedication to the automotive industry.   As a company with sustained longevity, we recognize the importance in having a team that is willing to listen, learn, and put all customers first!


Expect that for the first 3 to 5 days after your tint is installed, depending on weather conditions, your windows may appear to be a bit hazy. This is not an indication of a problem, but is a normal part of the drying process.

Clean the inside of you windows, which is where the tint is installed, with a special glass cleaner made for window tint. You can purchase this through Dynamic Auto Centre.

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