Dynamic Auto Centre take pride in the oucome of every vehical we service.

  • Tint - Our tinting process is unmatched by others. We use the highest quality in products that when applied properly leaves you wondering if the glass was shipped from the factory.

  • Audio and Video - There are thousands of audio products on the market. What makes us unique is the time we take to choose the right product for your vehicle. Our specialists have years of experience. Mb Quart, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, MTX, Infinity, Rockwood are just a few of the items to choose from. Your vehicle is inspected and the technician chooses the perfectly spec product to fit. Not all sound the same and the space in the vehicle will change that sound. Even if you have the best money can buy, it may not sound the best in your car. Installation and product matching are key.

  • Security and Alarms - Security is a big deal these days as more and more theft occurs. Even if you are not driving the most expensive vehicle there is a chance that theft can occur. Opportunity, availability and chop shop value are just a few reasons that theft occurs. Opportunity and availability are the most frequent reasons why some vehicals are stolen being used for illegal purposes and joy riding. Our alarms are installed with this in mind. Offering the latest in technology and advancements in the field. Starter shutdown, window roll up, proximity sensors, break glass sensors, and shock sensors are a few items that make our alarms the best bet to keep thieves out of your car.

  • Remote Start - Remote start is the perfect way to get you car ready for you trip to work or every day driving. Whether its cold or hot outside, preset you vehicle to the outside environment and the next time you need to got out just point the key chain at the car and hit the button. The car will start-up and in the winter there is nothing better then a warm car in the snow. If its hot what ever you set the air conditioning to, the car will resume that setting when starting.

  • Interiors -
  • Full restorations - Custom interiors built from the ground up. Leathers, fabric and swedes are just a few of the materials used to design a one of a kind interior for your car vehicle. Other items used in the designs can include fiber glass and custom one off molds to give it that unique look.
  • Partial restorations - This option allows for the repair of a vehicle that either was in an accident or that just sat to long and needs a little tlc. We restore it the original factory specs or to the customers specifications.
  • Custom Accents - Owners of new or newly restored vehicles choose this option to add their own flair and touch. Accent panels, custom pin-striping, interior tweeks to give it that added something


How to Choose the Best Car Alarm

Why the Need for Car Security Alarm? Although it is true that many new cars come with some sort of car security alarm, it is still a good option to install an advanced and more powerful alarm to enhance the security of a car. Moreover, insurance companies offered lowered rates for cars which have an advanced security alarm.

Getting Down to Choosing There are certain things which help tremendously while selecting the best security alarm .The following things will help every car owner make a perfect decision:

1. Get Familiar –

A car owner should keep some time aside to learn more about the types of car alarms available in the market. This is important to understand the strength of different alarms and security methods.

2. Know the Brands –

It is essential that one should learn more about car immobilizers, tracking systems, and basic types of car alarms. Here, a person can also learn about different popular brands offering car alarms. Sniper, Hornet, and Clifford alarms are few popular options in this regard.

3. Compare and Rate –

The next step should be to compare two or more types of car alarms to find the best one. For instance, one can compare Sniper X1 car alarm with Hornet 740T car alarm, to get a better idea about their features.

Security Alarms Mean Better Safety The above listed steps will prove to be highly beneficial to every car owner. A good car security alarm will go a long way in ensuring that a car always remains with the legitimate owner. The additional benefit of a car alarm is that the small remote control of the alarm allows a person to lock or unlock the doors or arm and disarm the car at the touch of a button. All this translates in to more convenience and more safety.