Audio TIPS

Before you begin searching for the perfect stereo, make sure you know what you already have. If your factory head unit is about two inches tall and seven inches wide, it is single DIN size. Single DIN is the size that most head units come in. If your old head unit is not single DIN size, you will either have to purchase an adapter to fit a single DIN head unit or buy a head unit specially made to fit in the oversized slot. Take this into consideration when you are browsing for your new stereo.

The most obvious thing to look for is the functionality of the head unit. All units will contain a radio, but many people want to be able to play media. Ask yourself how you will listen to music. Will you need a CD player or a tape deck? Are you planning on adding satellite radio in the future? Will you ever listen to an MP3 CD? Do you need an auxiliary port to plug in external music sources? Decide what capabilities you absolutely need, and what you can do without. Now you should have a basic idea of what you are looking for.

One area that you should not shy away from dropping cash on are the security features, especially if you live in an urban area. There are many different theft deterrent devices available, the most basic of which is the removable faceplate. This will allow you to take the faceplate with you when you leave the car, rendering the stereo useless to potential thieves. If you are prone to losing things, a better choice might be a stealth face, which simply turns into a black face when you turn off the car, giving the appearance that the stereo is non-functional. In high-theft areas, consider a stereo with a built in alarm that goes off when someone tries to remove the unit. Whatever you do, be sure your investment is protected.

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